mr bunkers

Paul is Dead

Has one of the members of The Beatles (ever heard of ‘em!?) been dead all this time? How does a conspiracy like this even start? Who actually wrote Hey Jude? What is Andy and Art’s favorite Beatles song? Listeners, all you need is love, and the answers to these questions! You got a ticket to ride down to the bunker with Andy and Art and learn all about the rumor that Paul McCartney is dead!


A portmanteau, derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram, COINTELPRO was an FBI umbrella program that consolidated a variety of FBI initiatives aimed at disrupting, sabotaging, discrediting, or defaming activist groups, the leaders of those groups, or even just people sympathetic to relevant causes or groups. In essence, spying and sabotage! Join Andy and Art as they uncover the not-so-conspiratorial truth behind the COINTELPRO program!

The Flatwoods Monster

In 1952 In the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia the May family (along with some other local kids and a trusty dog) encountered a monster with bright glowing eyes and a hooded cowl of a face. This story has become the stuff of legend and is now a celebrated piece of history for the town of Flatwoods. But who or what was this monster exactly?

Listen as Andy and Art uncover all the truth about the Flatwoods Monster!

Dyatlov Pass

In the winter of 1959, 9 students attempt to hike the foreboding “Mountain of the Dead” in northern Russia. Their trip ends tragically with all students mysteriously passing away in the night. What befell these young explorers on their expedition? Who or what caused their deaths? Andy and Art have trekked through the snow to bring you all the theories on this mystery!

Denver International Airport

Fasten your seat-belts, return your trays to the upright position, and prepare for takeoff because Andy and Art are covering all the mysteries of the Denver International Airport! From the bizarre artwork to the secret underground tunnels - your copilots at Mr. Bunker Airways are ready hit a cruising altitude on conspiracy.

Project MKUltra

In the inaugural episode of Mr. Bunker’s Conspiracy Time Podcast, Andy and Art discuss Project MKUltra - the CIA’s clandestine mind control effort with a sinister history. During the 1960s the CIA sponsored many illegal and odious research projects involving experimental druggings, mind control, and mind altering research. They claim the project ended in the 70s, but could it still be going on today?