Hitler Escaped to Argentina

Listeners think about the most evil dude in history and who do you think of? Haha, n-no s-stop thinking of us...It’s clearly Hitler. And at the end of the European chapter of WW2 with the Soviet army encroaching on his bunker hideout - Hitler took his own life. Or...did he? Today, on a listener suggested topic, we explore the theory that Hitler escaped Germany at the end of WW2 and lived out his life in Argentina.

The Kennedy Assassinations: John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was the youngest president in US history and he left a mythos few have matched. His term was tragically cut short in Dallas when he was assassinated. But by who? Many theorists have different answers and many politicians tasked with uncovering the truth come to different conclusions. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Is there any truth behind the single/magic bullet theory? Are there any connections between the Kennedys family political machine and his assassination? Andy and Art take you back in time to learn all about who JFK was, how he was assassinated and the most well known conspiracy theories regarding his death. They dive deep into ballistics testing and both of the commissions tasked with finding the truth. This monumental historical event deserves a monumental episode, and listeners you won’t be disappointed!