Easter Island

We’ve all seen it in emoji form, but did you know that those famous statue heads are effigies built by native people of Easter Island!? Indeed, the Rapa Nui built over 900 moai statues on the island of the same name long long ago. But what secrets does this island hold? What techniques did the native Rapa Nui use to move these massive monoliths of stone? And does it involve...aliens!? Come voyage across the Pacific, dear listeners, as Andy and Art explore all the wonders of Easter Island!

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Prepare for takeoff! Government cover-ups, extraterrestrials, UFOs, and of course...SECRET TUNNELS! What is hidden at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside of Dayton, Ohio? Is the infamous Hangar 18 real? What are Andy and Art’s thoughts on Megadeth?? All of these questions answered and more! So get in your flying saucer and come for an alien joy ride on this week’s episode from Mr. Bunker’s Conspiracy Time Podcast.

The Flatwoods Monster

In 1952 In the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia the May family (along with some other local kids and a trusty dog) encountered a monster with bright glowing eyes and a hooded cowl of a face. This story has become the stuff of legend and is now a celebrated piece of history for the town of Flatwoods. But who or what was this monster exactly?

Listen as Andy and Art uncover all the truth about the Flatwoods Monster!

Iraq Stargate

Imagine an ancient piece of alien technology capable of transporting you across the galaxy. Sounds like science fiction, huh? Well, think again! This stargate may or may not be hidden within the great Ziggurat pyramid in Iraq. So, step through the podcast stargate and let Andy and Art tell you all about this secret alien technology hidden on our own planet.