Paul is Dead

Research begins at 18:15

Has one of the members of The Beatles (ever heard of ‘em!?) been dead all this time? How does a conspiracy like this even start? Who actually wrote Hey Jude? What is Andy and Art’s favorite Beatles song?

Listeners, all you need is love, and the answers to these questions! You got a ticket to ride down to the bunker with Andy and Art and learn all about the rumor that Paul McCartney is dead!

Andy and Art are captured once again by the titular Mr. Bunker - how did he fool them this time? PLUS a brand new segment!

In the second segment, Andy and Art give you, the listeners, an uninterrupted presentation of their research into The Paul is Dead conspiracy.

Finally, Andy and Art discuss Paul is dead at length. They also discuss the Beatles discography, what celebrities they could impersonate, their favorite Beatles songs, and so much more!

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Music by Michael Martello
Artwork by Hannah Ross
Audio Editing by Arthur Stone

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